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pierre higginson

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pierre higginson

Hey, my name's Pierre Higginson.

I just wanted to say that it's real cool that you’re interested in optimising your posture, getting your body moving better, and enhancing your health and wellness.

I know first hand just how frustrating it can be to worry about how functional your body is, feeling tight and restricted and experiencing aches and pain, etc.

As well as the general feeling of tiredness of having to live life with a body that seems to be holding you back from living your best life.

Once you crack the code of your own body… your posture, health, and wellness all falls into place… and all the hard work, the endless hours of research, and trying new strategies… finally feel worth it. 

I think you're really going to enjoy what I have to share when it comes to movement, health, and wellness. So, if you ever want to get in touch and connect with me personally, feel free to do so at 

Catch you soon,