A very small amount of people have a knack for persuasive writing. They write copy that people read, and engage their audience on a level that builds trust.

They write blogs, emails, and social media headlines that create genuine relationships with the people that read them: In turn, creating a buzzing community around the products they market.

Do you have something great to offer, but need help in conveying it?

My name's Pierre, I'm a persuasive writer and work full time with clients in the health, wellbeing, and fitness markets.

I reach hundreds of thousands of people via email, facebook, and instagram-marketing, every week. My copy gets read and clicked.

I have a BA in English Literature and have completed the following Digital Marketer certifications:
Email marketing specialist
Content marketing specialist
Social & community specialist
Customer value optimisation specialist.

Please get in touch if you are interested in us working together.

I look forward to connecting!